Andrew Macpherson - Author, Artist, Photographer

Andrew Macpherson, photographer, author and artist, was born in London and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. His career as an award winning photographer and artist has spanned more than thirty years. Traveling the globe, Andrew has photographed many of the world's most celebrated and iconic musicians, models, actors and designers. He also created multiple bodies of personal work of subjects that inspired and fascinated him throughout his professional career. They range from the American Landscape to Flowers, Spirit, The Goddess, and a study of objects to create a visual poem of Land, Sea and Air.

By his mid-twenties he was a regular contributor to magazines such as Rolling Stone, The Face, Elle, Bazaar and Vogue. His passion for photography and the darkroom process led him to become a master printer, but the carbon and chemical footprint of film’s manufacture, transport, processing and printing created a great deal of inner conflict as both an artist and a life long environmentalist. He quickly embraced the digital revolution and created the first digital front cover of a fashion magazine for Elle in the UK in 1991. 


Currently Andrew lives in Los Angeles where he is currently collaborating on a several personal projects, including an exploration into romanticism and pictorialism called Pagan Spirit and a photographic representation of our planet, called The Crucible of Life.



Andrew Macpherson was not a natural student and he did not find his way at school until meeting his photography teacher, John Bigglestone. Andrew credits John with saving his life by introducing him to photography, and lighting the fires of passion and curiosity that sent him on a life long pursuit of the perfect picture.


1975 - 1983

Macpherson left school at the age of fifteen to pursue his dream of becoming a photographer. He worked as an assistant to learn his craft, and was lucky enough to collaborate with such luminary talents as Lord Snowdon, Horst.P.Horst and Bob Carlos Clarke.

1983 - 1994

Macpherson was discovered by Amanda Harlech, then the junior fashion editor at Harpers & Queen magazine in London. That set him a ten year journey through fashion, working with such celebrated titles as The Face, The Sunday Times, Glamour, Elle, Rolling Stone and Vogue in London, Paris and Milan.

1994 - Present

Macpherson moved to Hollywood in 1994 to focus his camera on the icons of the entertainment industry, and to be close to the land of the American West which stole his heart. 






6 images of Lisa Marie shown in a group show at Hamiltons Gallery in London

10 images from Ethiopia show at a group show in Holland Park Gallery in London

12 images of Hollywood shown in a group show at the Cat Street Gallery in Hong Kong

First Solo Show of 'Chasing Ansel Adams'  at the ARCANESpace in Venice, California









Three Short Stories - Three photo essays made into a book portraying the summer of 1993

Elevated - The story of U2's historic Elevation tour that spanned the events of 9/11

Two Million Miles - A photographic essay of Macpherson's first twenty years in photography

Ten Years with P!nk - The story of a performance artist spanning a decade and six album cycles

A Question of Spirit - An in depth look at life, the afterlife, the nature of reality and Spirit

A Question of Spirit - An in depth look at life, the afterlife, the nature of reality and Spirit

Chasing Ansel Adams - A limited edition of 75 books for the Arcane Space exhibition


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