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The Flower Book

This project was born of a request for a book of flowers for a thirty third birthday present, hence the petal logo is a pair of threes with one reversed. These pictures were taken between January and April of 2017 and the flowers were from my garden, friend's gardens, the Los Angeles flower market, the trails in the Hollywood Hills and New Zealand's north island.

As a young man, I'd assisted Steve Lovi, an incredible botanical photographer who took the most exquisite pictures of flowers in his house in north London. I was so humbled by his sensibility and eye that I never turned my camera towards flowers until I was asked to make this book. I reached out to Steve through the internet to ask for any tips or advice but discovered he'd passed away since we last spoke. I thought of him often while creating these pictures, of the impermanence of everything, how flowers are such fleeting celebrations of life, bursting forth like a firework then vanishing into the tides of time.

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