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Trinity : The Crucible

This series explores the idea that life forms in the crucible of the three principal planetary elements of earth, air, and water, and is told through discarded objects, which represent the fleeting nature of life.

Earth :  Metal because man marks the age of his dominion of the land by metals; Iron Age, Bronze Age, etc.

Air :  Feathers because air is the dominion of the birds.

Water :  Shells because they echo the fossils from the primordial ocean where life began.


The inspiration for this series can be traced to the Scottish artists The Boyle Family' and their extraordinarily powerful ‘Beyond Image’ exhibition at London's Hayward Gallery in 1986. As with The Boyle Family’s work, these images were intended to be hung individually in large spaces and were photographed with an exceptionally high-resolution micro-camera system to create large high-quality prints. There are 147 images in the series, and there will only be one large print (6-18 ft depending on the space) and two small prints of each image, for an edition total of only 3 prints. Each print will be accompanied by an NFT as proof of ownership, allowing the owner to replace the print in the event of fire, flood, or earthquake.


Playa Dawn

The Museum

The Kiss

Passing Clouds

Heading 1

The Future


The Beach

Circle of Life


The Twins

The Spires

The Gilded Age



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